Library services

  • Circulation Policies --
    Patrons are allowed 10 items at a time.  Books and audio-books are due back in two weeks.

    Reference Materials --
    We offer reference books, such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, pricing guides, maps, atlases, and many local history.  These materials may be used for research on site or photocopied, but may not be checked out. 

    Tax Forms --
    We offer State & Federal tax forms on-site during tax season.  If there you need forms that we do not have on hand, we are able to print them from the IRS website in most cases.

    FAX Service--
    For sending FAXes we do charge $2 for the first page and $1 for each additional page. There is no charge if toll-free number is used.

    Photo Copier -- 
    We charge $.25 per photocopied page.  We charge $.50 for each color copied page.

    Laser printing --
    We charge $.25 fee per page and can print in black & white only.

    Inter Library Loans --
    The Cowen Public Library participates in an Interlibrary Loan service in order to obtain materials not available in our collection.  This service depends on the generosity of public and academic libraries across the state.  For security reasons interlibrary loan materials must be signed out from the front desk. In order to receive this privilege the borrower agrees to:  1.  Accept responsibility for materials between signing out and signing in. This includes cost of damage to or loss of borrowed item. 2. Return the materials by the date due marked on the interlibrary loan slip. Not returning materials to the lending library on time may jeopardize our ability to continue receiving interlibrary loan services from that library. Please make every effort to return this material by the due date.  Please note: Borrowers may be required to have a valid library card with the NORLN system in order to check out Interlibrary Loan materials.

    Computer/Internet Access -- 
    The Cowen Public Library offers four public-access internet terminals.  There is a one hour time limit on the use of these.  Computer use policies include: no chat-rooms or instant messaging, no obscene or inapropriate material.

    Paperback Book Exchange --
    You can bring in a paperback book and take one from our exchange section. 

    Books on-Tape & CD --
    We offer a wide selection of books on tape, with an ever-growing collection of books on CD.